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Make It Count

I've stared death in the face too many times, In so many shapes and sizes. There are no regrets left. No what-ifs. No I-wish-haves. ... Everything has its time, You just make it count.

What would the world be...

...without poetry you ask? I don't know and I really don't want to find out. So here it is, to all the poems that warm our hearts when the days are cold and dark, and to all the poems that help us dry the tears in our eyes when we just had enough ~ happy World Poetry Day to y'all. Oh, one more thing. Here is a little poem for you titled Just Because : I nor need it, nor wish for it I nor crave it, nor desire it You ask: "What is the point then?" I say: "It is the dance I sometimes do, just because."


How many lives does one really have? One, two, hundred or none? Or is it a multiverse of them All packed in one single lifetime?

I Wish

I wish I knew how to love you from afar I wish I knew how to love you from up close I wish I knew how to love you without changing you I wish I knew how to love you without expectations But most of all I wish I knew what to do with all this love

New month, new theme, new challenges

After sharing with you already published poems, some of my very old poems written in my mother tongue, as well as my idea for a chapbook title Elementary, I've decided to embark on a little creative challenge and post only freshly written poems on a weekly basis for the next two months. Hope you'll enjoy reading them as I will creating them. Stay tuned.