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There is something refreshing in recreating things; Believe me I would know. I've been recreating everything most of my life, Up to the point where "standing still" felt like something they do only in the movies. And yes, recreating your life, your everyday, can be scary and painful, But mostly it is magical. You get the chance to cut out, really cut out what no longer suits you, And, most of all, you get the chance to create something completely different if you wish so. Or, you can simply fine-tune the things you already have. The choice is yours. What could be more thrilling and liberating than that?
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Time, Peace, Me...

 As time passes, the more  I yearn for peace and quiet, because it is in those moments of almost stillness that I am able to truly feel myself, feel the pulsing of my heart, of my being and finally spread my wings as wide as I can and fly as far as I want. Calm and peace suddenly have a whole new dimension to me.


Sometimes the only one you need, The only one you do want Is you. You yourself. And that is enough. Actually... More than enough. ... It is everything.

Keep on Going

And she danced and danced, and danced. Whole day, whole night. And again, Whole day, whole night. ... One might have confused her dancing with joy and happiness, But it was far from it. ... She danced and danced, and danced Because it was the only way she knew to keep on going.


Let them all go. All the painful memories, All the sneaky insidious whispers, All the crushing soles of people's feet. ... It is time. Time for you to live again. Time for your life to be yours. Time for you to breathe.