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 I am but a painting that never fully dries, A canvas without an end. I am a song that you cannot stop playing, A rhythm stuck in your head. I am but a prefect imperfection. A human wabi-sabi.
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Space and Time

There is something about you, About me, About us, That transcendents both time and space, The two being inextricably linked. No matter how much time passes, Or how far we are from each other, The bond we share seems to grow exponentially, And so does my love for you. ... I can soar the highest mountain peaks, Dive into the murkiest of the waters, Get lost in the thickest of the jungles, And vastest of the desserts, But one thing that remains a constant, Is me coming back to you, To you my love, Over, and over, and over again. ... There is no one like you, No one like us. ... We transcend both space and time.


Stillness Sun Birds chirping Flowers blooming People talking Water running Music playing And I sit Still Observing Observing, participating Every sound is a sound of my heart Every move is a move of my feet Every action is my own reaction Every thought is a dream of mine Everything is mine And everything is not. And so I sit Still Observing And observingly participating In this symphony called life.

Who Would Have Thought

Never thought I'll be the one saying this. Not in my wildest dreams. But then again, Lately my dreams are mostly of you, my child. Of how incredibly I miss you, Although I've never actually met you. Of the joy you bring. Of the laughter with which you fill any empty room. Of the ten million questions you ask when encountering something new. And for you, almost everything is new. And of amazement in your eyes As you venture out exploring the world at your feet. ... Never in the million years would I have thought I will be the one saying this.


Wind. Leaves dancing. Going up, going down...and up again. An open window. A leaf. Nor in, nor out. Reminiscing. Thinking about you. About us. Our talks. The mental sparings we had. A smile. A sense of home. Joy. Not sure if because of the scenery, Or memories of you and me.