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That Day

Do you remember that sunny winter day by the beach? A day when your head rested gently in my lap, Soaking in the sun, Listening to the waves crashing into the shore. A day when I got the chance to finally explore every inch of your face, Your eyebrows, Your ticklish eyelids, Your nose, Your slightly crooked, but voluptuous lips, Your sporadically ginger beard. A day when I got to stroke your hair, And play with your beard, Hours on end. A day when you opened up to me without saying a single word. A day when my heart met yours, And together they sang a tune only the two of us know. A day that marked the beginning of something special. A day when you told me everything without saying anything. A day when sun shone, And sea played. A day when all was, And all was not. A day when we just were.
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Sometimes your words, Cut like a thousand knives, Piercing my heart, Both one by one, And all at once. ... I wonder, Will you ever admit it to you? To me? Or will you forever hide and run from it? ... I know you love me and mean well, But your running hurts me. It slowly tears my heart, Until t here will be nothing left to tear. ... I know I don't show it, But there is only that much I can take, Before I become a shadow of a p erson you know. Or worse. A monster you don't. Because once I love, I love hard and deep and give my all. But I expect the same back. There is no in-between or maybe. I want it all. Unapologetically. ... I just hope you wish the same. Because I've cried too many times, And I fear there is only a few left, Before it all turns to dust.

MY One

There are so many things I want to tell you, To experience with you,  To show you.  But at the same time, I fear it all.  What if all I want won't come true?  What if, even if we commit to it all, we run out of time?  Or worse. We have enough time, yet let it pass by without making the most of it?  Without fully cherishing all the moments we have?  All the little quirks that make us us .  What if we become just one of those people who let the life pass them by,  Instead of letting the life happen to us, In all its weirdness and glory? What is I loose you tomorrow, Without you really knowing how I feel,  How much I admire you,  How much I love you?  What if I never get to see you grow into the person you are meant to be,  To see you blossom in your whole might?  What if I never get the chance to see how my love for you will grow and transform through time? What if I never get the chance to grow old with you in our little forest house by the lake?  What if... ... There are so many wi


Maybe the biggest dreams are actually the smallest ones, The ones we would never admit to, The ones that scare us the most. And why you ask? Why would we never admit them? Maybe because they seem irrelevant, Even insignificant in the grand scheme of things. How could a simple dream of waking up next to you every morning be big enough? Or dream of spending Sunday afternoons together, Sitting in silence, Reading a book, Sipping a tea, While my feet gently rest on yours. How could these simple things be big enough to ever admit them? And why are they scarier than climbing Mount Everest Or sailing the world? ... Maybe the biggest dreams are the smallest ones, Not because of their grandiosity, But because they scare us the most.


I can feel you. Feel you undressing me with your thoughts.  Feel you touching me with your look.  Feel your breath on my neck,  Your throbbing heart. I can feel you wanting me,  Lusting me,  Yearning for me. And I can feel you resisting. Resisting with your whole being. But you can't.  Not really.  Not with me undressing you with my playful thoughts. Touching you with my devilish look. And slowly pressing all the right buttons of your body, While my heart calmly pounds,  As if it all were nothing. ... And soon you give in. Give in to me completely. And together, Our bodies and souls intertwined, We transcend both time and space.