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That Day

Do you remember that sunny winter day by the beach?
A day when your head rested gently in my lap,

Soaking in the sun,
Listening to the waves crashing into the shore.
A day when I got the chance to finally explore every inch of your face,
Your eyebrows,
Your ticklish eyelids,
Your nose,
Your slightly crooked, but voluptuous lips,
Your sporadically ginger beard.
A day when I got to stroke your hair,

And play with your beard,

Hours on end.
A day when you opened up to me without saying a single word.
A day when my heart met yours,
And together they sang a tune only the two of us know.
A day that marked the beginning of something special.

A day when you told me everything without saying anything.
A day when sun shone,
And sea played.
A day when all was,

And all was not.
A day when we just were.