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What Life is All About

There are those rare moments when we find ourselves at a random place, random time with, what it seems like, random people. But the randomness of it all ends up being less random and more extraordinary. ... The pieces just fall into place, without any effort. The hearts start beating a little faster, As if returning home after a loooong journey. Minds, no matter how different, clash into one. And the melody accompanies the lyrics prefectly well into the night. .... In those rare moments, the universe reminds us what life is all about.

All of it...

Sometimes it feels like I'm living a double life. Hell...multiple lives. Parts of me are out there, reaching for new adventures, new thrills, new knowledge, Always happy and smiling, as if there are no worries in this world, only sun, dance and...adventure. of me are...dead? Old? Gone? But they really aren't. They are just tired, tired to the point of no return. Tired of endless movement, tired of fighting, tired of...well...being human. But, what amazes me is how all these parts make a person  A person.  I don't think I would be the same without any of them,  No matter how tiresome the struggle gets. All of these parts, all of it is me.