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Autumn Sun

The moment
The stillness.
The sun.
The warmth.
Sitting and slowly peeling the tangerine.
Enjoying the fresh air
and sun's warmth.
The smell.
The most extraordinary smell.
The smell of fresh yellow citrus juiciness.
The smell of far-off tropical places.
The smell of simplicity.
The smell of mindfulness.
But wait.
Something small.
Something small and buzzy.
A ladybird.
Small, red animal buggy dancing on my hand.
Going up and down,
left and right,
enjoying the sun.
Tickling me with her tiny legs
and her dotted wings
on her way into the big wide world.
Slowly she spreads her wings,
tickling me a bit more with her restless legs,
and off she goes.
Towards the sun.
To the warmth.
Taking with her the fresh juicy smell of tangerine,
to accompany her on her long journey
into the unknown sky.