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Summer Storm

Have you ever experienced that feeling,
Feeling of a sudden summer storm in the shape of a person?
A storm that stirs your life for a second,
Opening a rare window to another world?
A storm that leaves you breathless in a dreamlike state?
I did.
It was her.
A human storm.
Walking in my life as an innocent bystander,
Oblivious to what she meant to me in that moment.
The perfect stroll of her body.
Her almost dancing steps.
Her long black skirt resembling a restless ocean on a dark night.
Her yellow, curly locks jumping up and down like children on the playground.
Her whole being pulsing with a dreamlike elegance.
And, for a second, my life was transformed.
Dark night no longer seemed dark
And city no longer seemed plain.
For a second my life, my very own existence, felt the warmth of poetic blanket.
And all because of her.
That perfect little human summer storm.