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Unexplainable Lightness of Being

Room full of people
Room full of strangers
Room full of music
And you.
Standing with your eyes closed
And listening
Listening to the throbbing music
Its rhythm
Its pauses
Its passages
Its completeness.
And you float
Your whole body floats
High above the room's walls,
The moving bodies of strangers
Going higher and higher
Expanding beyond the known world
Into the bliss
The bliss of light
The bliss of sound
The bliss of dancing unity of light and sound.
And it happens
There and then
You aren't
And yet you are
You are nothing
And you are everything
The unexplainable lightness of being.
Slowly, the music stops
And you travel back
Back to the room
Room full of strangers
Dancing, drinking, talking
And you open your eyes
And come back to life
Unable to move
Unable to say a word
Still half paralyzed
Paralyzed by the beauty of it all
The beauty of the whole world clashing
Clashing in one single moment.
And so you move
Make that first step
Step back to the room
Room full of strangers
But you remember
Remember the beauty
The beauty of unexplainable lightness of being.