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There are worlds inside me
Worlds that come to life
While listening to music
Or simply sitting still.
Each of them is different
Each has its own beginning and end
Its own atmosphere
Its own inhabitants
Or none
Its own bigger picture,
Yet they all exist in my head
And in my head only
Popping up whenever they feel like it
And again disappearing as they wish.
Sometimes the two of them, or three of them meet
And talk
Or fight
As all friends do.
And sometimes they make new baby worlds
Magnificent new worlds with no restraint but to get lost in them.


I guess we all have our set of imaginary worlds
Worlds we escape to
Depending on what we are escaping from.
And they are there
Waiting for us
Waiting for us to explore
To write new stories
To be happy.
Just a daydream away.