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2:30 am
One of those
Those sleepless nights
But good
Not bad
Just lying
Watching movies
Having fun
Waiting for the dawn to come
And somewhere along the way
In between two episodes
I feel the need to readjust
So I sit up
And start to order the cushions around
And there it is
The stillness
The emptiness
The beauty
I see the road
Road that is usually so crowded
That one can surly imagine
Cars falling off
And now
Now nothing
Not a single car
Not a single soul
Just vastness
And calmness
Of it all
And it strikes me
As my mind and eyes race
To catch the fleeting images
Of the moving pictures on my laptop
The world outside my bedroom window
Holds still
As if dead
With nothing but lights still alive
Waiting for someone to pass
To acknowledge their existence
And so I do
If only for a second