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That moment
That moment when you feel it
When you finally feel it
Feel the feeling you've longed for so long
The feeling you thought was just a fantasy
A dream
Something imaginary.
But no.
You can finally feel it
Feel it with your whole body
Your whole being
Slowly filling every inch of your every corner
Filling you up with unbelievable joy
Drawing a smile on your face
Slowly lifting your spirit from the mud of your very own ashes
Sending a tear of realization down your face
The feeling so strong
Your whole body shivers under it
Yet so simple you're wondering how the hell it took you so fucking long to finally feel it
It is the feeling of freedom
Complete freedom
Not of mundane things
But of your soul
There is nothing else
Nothing else exists in that moment
Nothing is real
Only it
The feeling
The utmost feeling of freedom.