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I Wonder

I wonder,
What goes through your mind?
Do you think of me at all?
If you do,
Do you wake up thinking about me
And shake the thoughts away
As if to shake of the nagging cat?
Or do I sneak into your head
A few times a day
When least expected
While you do your regular, routine things
Just to stir you up a bit?
I wonder,
Do you open a message board
And just stare
Thinking what would you say to me,
If anything at all,
And end up closing the board
Without saying a word
To keep yourself safe?
I wonder,
Do random things,
Such as a funny guy on a bus,
Make you think of me,
Of our conversations,
Our special moments?
I wonder,
Do you dream about us,
Not as we used to be,
But as we could be,
Somewhere beyond all the trouble
Of this everyday life
That divides us
By mileage
But also estrangement?
I wonder,
Do you still believe?
Do you still want me
Or have you given up
For it being too hard?
I wonder,
Would you let me pick your brain
One more time?
I wonder,
What does your heart desire?
How does it beat?
What drives it?
And I wonder,
Do you wonder the same things,
The same things about me?