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Who am I?

Have you ever stopped for a second
And thought,
Thought about who you are,
Who you are right now,
How you differ from the you a few years ago,
Or a few months ago.
I bet you have.
But have you ever considered
How much you differ from the you
Just a week ago,
Or day ago,
Or even hours,
Or minutes ago?
That is the beauty.
In a mere second we become
Someone new and remarkably unrecognizable,
Yet stay old and familiar.
The beauty of who you are lies in
Seconds of micro changes.
So, stop.
Think about who you were this morning.
See how you've changed,
How you've evolved,
What you've learned,
And enjoy it.
This process,
This endless process
Is who you are.
Ever evolving being.
(Embrace it.)