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Two in One

I've lived so many lives, 

all wrapped into one single lifetime. 

I've been so many different people, 

all embodied in one single chuck of flesh. 

I've been through so many tears and sorrows, 

and so many laughs and smiles that I don't even count anymore, 


through it all, 

there was something missing, 

something hidden, 

something sacred, 

and I never knew what. 

Now I know, 

now I have it, 

and yet I don't. 


You and I, 

we are one, 

one soul, 

one soul living in two different bodies. 


Sometimes you feel so close, 

but then again, 

a blink of an eye, 

and you are again far far away, like it always was. 

A part of me is here, 

and a part of me is somewhere there.

And I wonder...

Will they ever be in the same place, 

at the same time, 

for long enough...?